Imatank Electric Scooter T1


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Motor power: 500W

Battery: 48V/17.5Ah, 840Wh

Max. speed: 40KM/H

Range: 70-80KM per Charge

With Front and Rear Suspension

With Front and Rear Disc Brake  

Height adjustable and Foldable Handlebar

With front and rear suspension

With good shock absorption performance, the scooter driving on gravel roads is as quiet and stable as driving on asphalt roads.
With front and rear disc brakes including E-brake, the scooter has better braking performance, better than the MAX drum brake.

3 speed mode, max speed 40km/h

  • Foldable handlebar, the Imatank electric scooter T1 has a foldable handle, it is more convenient, ready to use out of the box.

  • 1 click cruise control, at any speed, press the cruise control button to enter the cruise speed, free your thumb.

  • Height adjustable, the T1 scooter stem height is adjustable, 110-120cm.

10'' Solid motor tire and front tubless tire

The rear motor tire of the T1 scooter is a solid tire, more durable, no worry about broken tire. The front wheel is a tubeless pneumatic tire, more convertible, and easy to replace.

Removable Rear Rack
The max. loading of the rear rack is 100kg, and it allows to add a removable basket on it.

APP Controlled

  • Lock controls: you can lock the scooter with a password.
  • Scooter status: displays the scooter information such as mileage, power, temperature, etc.
  • Firmware upgrades: Keep your scooter firmware up to date.

Battery capacity: 48V17.5Ah, 840Wh

It allows you to travel to every corner of the city with Imatank electric scooter T1. Withing 75kg loading and 40km/h, single mileage 75km per charge.


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